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Your Guide to Understanding Clitoral Vibrators

Your Guide to Understanding Clitoral Vibrators

Sep 26, 2020

  A clitoral vibrator is a device that stimulates or massages the clitoris directly or indirectly. They’re not necessarily intended for penetration but some shapes may function for internal stimulation as well; conversely, some vibrators intended for internal use can work to stimulate the clitoris.   What are the various kinds of clitoris vibrators? There…

Answers to the question if you should have sex on the first date revealed

Should You Have Sex On The First Date? | Answers to this Dreaded Question Revealed

Jul 4, 2020

Following the traditional or starting a non-conforming dating style? You went on a perfect first date with a stranger, you feel good and the chemistry between the two of you is just oozing. Then there’s the big question popping in your mind – should we have sex later? Is it fine to have sex on…

Nude Life Drawing and Activities Package

May 12, 2014

NUDE LIFE DRAWING PACKAGE What’s Included: Nude Life Drawing, Cocktail Making and Burlesque Lesson. Spend your afternoon spoiling your special guest with some cheeky activities. From cocktail making to a nude life drawing class. This 3 hour jam packed package is sure to excite and entertain your guests! 3 Hour Package Champagne, Beer, Soft Drink and…