Hens night and hens party games are an essential aspect of the bachelorette party experience. These games can be as naughty, fun or classy as you like. The main thing is that they’re designed so everyone gets involved, drops their guard, and let’s their hair down.

Here at Melbourne Hens Packages, we’re experts at designing and delivering the bachelorette party of your dreams. So, we know how to create the perfect game for every hen. Plus, our strippers and topless waiters know how to run just about every game under the sun.

Here are some of our favourite party starters

Truth or Dare

Who doesn’t love this game? The perfect time to play this game is when everyone has had a few drinks, and they’re ready to let go of all their deepest and darkest secrets. Make sure the dares and daring enough to make people choose truth, and make sure you don’t waste the questions. Spin a bottle or flip a coin to keep the game moving around and make sure everyone has a turn to confront the dreaded truth or dare.

If you’re struggling to come up with dares, you could use these:

  • Kiss a bald man on the head
  • Flash someone at the bar
  • Do a handstand on the dancefloor
  • Get a peck on the cheek from a random guy
  • Try to find a guy wearing no underwear

Topless Waiter Games

Our topless waiters are incredible games leaders. They know how to get everyone involved. They particularly love playing:

  • Guess What: This is a fun game that produces a lot of laughs. Just fill a bag with some penis-shaped items, like bananas, cucumbers and even tennis balls and golf balls and ask the blindfolded hens to guess what they’ve picked up.
  • To Do List: This game is all about the bride-to-be. You have to give her a list of dares to complete and make sure they are very embarrassing and cheeky. You could make her give a lapdance, ask an old man to dance or even do her least favourite shot. The idea is to take a picture of the bride completing each task, so she has a memory book to look back on for the rest of her life.

Our topless waiters aren’t just here to lead games. They can also be the subject of games. They’re very suggestive, and if you ask nicely, there isn’t much they won’t do. Of course, you don’t want to waste those rock-hard abs. Do you know how to make the most of them? Grab some salt and pour it on a hard, flat spot. Then, pour some tequila on and make sure you slurp up every last drop. Not a fan of tequila? Put a wedge of lemon in the waiter’s mouth and cure the burn.

Drinking Games

Drinking games are always the start of something fun. When you combine classic games like ‘Never Have I Ever’ with alcohol, you’re guaranteed a good result. If you want everyone to get really tipsy, start an ongoing drinking game. Give all the hens a nickname, and if anyone uses a real name, they have to drink.

Trivia Games

Use a bit of trivia to get even more dirty information off the bride. Just choose an interviewer and make sure they have a list of very naughty questions. Again, this game should only be played once the bride has had her truth serum. If you want to keep things classy, you can play the same game but ask questions relating to the groom.

Pin The Penis

This is an incredible bachelorette party idea. It’s pretty self-explanatory, each hen gets a rubber penis and a blindfold. You then get a target to aim at, which is a lifesize picture of a very hunky man and each hen has to try and pin the penis closest to the right spot. 

Dress The Bride

This is a game that everyone can enjoy. Divide the hens into two teams and give them some material to create a dress out of. The bride chooses the most beautiful dress, and you can set a reward for the winners and punishment for the losers.

Scavenger Hunt

Ask someone to arrive at the venue early and hide some naughty items. When everyone arrives, you let them know that a scavenger hunt has been set and everyone will go wild looking for the items. Make sure you choose a very humiliating punishment for the losers. Remember, you don’t have to hide things, you could conceal instructions for dares and naughty challenges, or anything else that will get the party started. 

You can play any or all of these games when you organise a hens package through us. We know how to make this special day memorable and choose the games that will get everyone on their absolute worst behaviour.