Planning a hens party? Want something to take it over the edge? Why not enlist the help of a very talented and very chiselled topless waiter? They will give your party a point of difference and ensure all the girls have plenty of eye candy throughout the experience.

But, how do you end up with the right topless waiter? How do you make sure you get what you pay for and how do you end up with someone that can do much more than stand around looking pretty?

Here’s a few tips to getting the most out of your topless waiter experience.

Get The Numbers Right

Every hen deserves some time with the hunk in question, and you don’t want anyone with empty glasses. Topless waiters should function as actual waiters, so you need a certain amount per head. A general rule is to hire 1 waiter per 9 guests. So, if you have 36 guests, you’ll need 4 fellas.

If you get the numbers right, all the hens can focus on drinking, catching up and perving and the waiters won’t be stretched too thin.

Have a Good Browse

Most topless waiters services in Melbourne will allow you to peruse their talent list. Every girl has their likes and dislikes, and because it’s the brides night try and think about her look and fill her special night with shining examples of what she finds attractive. Tall, lean, big, blonde, blue eyes, curly hair, tattoos – whatever she likes, you’ll be able to find it.

Do They Know How To Waiter?

The all should but it’s always worth asking. Do they know how to mix a cocktail? Do they know their tequila varieties? Can they manoeuvre a tray of canapes through a throng of screaming women? These are all worthy questions. Looks are one thing, but if you’re left doing all the work because your guys biceps are too big to do anything but flex then that’s not great value for money is it?

Do They Provide Food and Drinks?

A standard topless waiter service will not include food and drinks. But, if you go with a company that can provide you with some talented boys and include all the food and drinks and a whole lot of other extra goodies. Getting a packaged deal can save you a lot of money and stress. All the hens can sit back and enjoy the day without lifting a finger and you’ll look like a master planner.

You can have a look through Hens Packages Melbourne’s incredible packages here. We’re always happy to customise them to suit your specific needs.

Make Sure Your Topless Waiters Will Be On Time

If you go with a company that offer a full suite of hens services, you’ll be sure of a much more reliable service than if you hire someone out of the classifieds or by word of mouth. In the case of disaster, a bigger company will be able to call on their resources to figure out a way to get your topless waiter to the party and make sure no girl misses out on the experience.

Do They Have Any Other Talents?

Your topless waiter experience can and should be as risqué or as tame as you like. So, if you just want a man with a six pack to ferry drinks around, you can do that. If you want a man with a six pack to engage in some playful banter and harmless flirting, ask for that. If you want a six-pack man to be a plaything for the girls and respond to any and all requests (within reason) ask for that.

A waiter that can engage in games and get the party started is particularly important if they are a few shy hens amongst the group. A game leader will be able to bring everyone out of their shells and ensure everyone is having fun and on the same page.

Every topless waiter has their own set of talents. Some are great dancers? Some know a lot of cheeky games and some can speak French.

Topless waiters are a rare combination. They offer utility and aesthetics. They perform a vital service and make the hens day more fun and much more beautiful. Get in touch today to learn more about our boys and we’ll help you find the right waiters for your bride to be.