There are a whole range of hens party games, perfect for just about any type of hen and her closest gal pals. From trivia games for a classy affair, right through to pin the penis on the hunk for a cheekier affair, you’re sure to find something you love in our list below. Also, don’t forget, our male strippers are always more than happy to help with your games — from active participation to impartial refereeing.

hens party games

Trivia Games

We offer a limo service that will bring you to and from our venue. In order to start the party on a high, why not play a few trivia games on the way? Before the hen’s night, ask the bride-to-be a few questions about her life, her relationship, her pet peeves – anything really! Write down the answers and then pose these questions to the guests once you’re all comfy and relaxed, with a glass of celebratory champagne, in our limo.

Does She Really Know Him?

Similar to trivia, this game involves asking the prospective groom some questions about the bride to be, before the hen’s party. Collect his answers, then quiz the hen on his responses. Make sure to throw in some juicy questions and answers, with a penalty of a drink or two for any wrong answers.

Drinking Games

You may be a bit rusty, but take yourself back to your university days by playing a few classic drinking games, once you arrive at one of our renowned venues. ‘I Have Never’ is a great game that is sure to loosen everyone up, and break the ice between guests who may not know each other. The game involves each guest revealing something that they’ve never done before, and then everyone that has done that thing has to take a sip of their drink, or down a shot, depending on the vibe of the evening.

Truth Or Dare

You’ve probably been playing this game since you were a kid, but for a hen’s party, it’s time to up the ante. We suggest getting the party started with trivia and drinking games in order to get the guests feeling comfortable and loosened-up. Truth or dare can then be introduced, with dares ranging from buying a cute guy a drink, to dancing on a table, or getting five different guys to kiss you. Expect to learn a lot of new information about some of your guests when someone picks truth! For some added fun, get a couple of our gorgeous topless waiters to facilitate this game.

Pin the Penis on the Hunk

A classic of all the hens party games, ‘Pin the Penis on the Hunk’ is sure to have all the guests laughing by the end of the night. Print out a large photo of a stripper, or even better, use one of our willing male strippers. Supply all the guests with a cut-out penis, and then one by one, get them to attempt to stick the penis cut-out where they think it should go, all while being blindfolded.

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