Never been to a male strip show before but keen to discover what all the fuss is about? With movies like Magic Men bringing male strippers into the mainstream, we’ve found that people are becoming increasingly curious about the phenomenon of male strip shows. So, to curb some of your curiosities, read along and find out exactly what happens during a male strip show. Of course, the only way to ever truly know is to come along to one of our tantalising shows.

The Environment

Our talented male strippers are some of the most popular in Melbourne, so we always make sure the night clubs they perform in are premium quality. We partner with Seven Nightclub, Fabrique Nightclub and Marrakech Bar & Nightclub to offer all our guests an incredible experience at our shows. All three of these first-class venues provide a mixture of fun and sophistication. This makes these venues the perfect pace for us to host our shows.

There are a range of seating options depending on the night you’re looking to have, from general entry to VIP seating. Of course, our hen’s night packages are also available to provide the bride-to-be with an experience she’ll never forget. To enhance your comfort and enjoyment, some of our gorgeous topless waiters will also be wandering around to provide you with a complimentary beverage and their continued service throughout the night.

Our number one aim is for you to have the most fun, and be entertained. Join a lively crow. Get lost for an hour or two in a world of abs, muscles and hunky men.


Costumes, or lack thereof, are the key to any good male strip show. With two types of entertainment throughout the night, our talented male strippers and sexy topless waiters, you’re in for a treat when you visit one of our shows.

All our hen’s night packages include a number of topless waiters to dote on you throughout the night. With outfits typically comprising of jeans and a bow-tie, our boys are there simply to make sure you are having the best evening possible. While all our topless waiters are nice to look at, we’ve also made sure to choose guys who are genuinely friendly and truly the best in the industry.

The same goes for our male strippers. Throughout the night you’ll see an array of costumes specific to all kinds of performances. There are classics like the sexy cop, as well as a few more unique and dazzling performances. Although costumes are quite sparse and don’t leave a lot to the imagination, they always tell a scintillating story.


Before movies like Magic Men, choreography wasn’t as widely considered by the masses as a key fixture of male stripping. Since then, we’ve upped our game by ensuring our choreography is creative, dazzling and will leave you wanting more.

As an added bonus to get your heart pumping during our performances, prepare yourself to potentially get pulled up on stage. A favourite part of the performance for many bachelorettes, be pulled into the action and make the most of your night.


Look, we don’t want to be a bore, but there are a few rules which are very important to our show and making sure it runs smoothly. First thing’s first, do your best to keep areas where the guys are performing free of hazards. We usually place tables and drinking areas in specific places in the venue. There is a reason for their placement. So, we prefer to keep it that way. This way, nothing will interfere with our performance.

It’s normal for people to occasionally spill drinks, especially when they get a bit too excited (a sight not uncommon at our shows). But, spillages near the stage could pose as a bit of a problem for our performers. While they’re all exceptionally talented at their craft, slipping on spilt drinks isn’t something want to account for.

Secondly, be nice! Our talented male strippers are there to entertain you. But, just remember, they’re doing a job—they’re still people. Please avoid biting, hitting, throwing drinks or shouting abusive words at the male strippers. You probably won’t be enjoying the show for much longer with this behaviour.

Finally, and most importantly, have fun! Our shows are centred around your enjoyment. So, fun is a necessity when experiencing one of our male strip shows in Melbourne. There you have it: that’s what happens during a male strip show!

Intrigued? We have a number of shows featuring our gorgeous male strippers in Melbourne every week. And, for those bachelorettes looking for a bit of fun, we also offer some incredible hen’s night packages. Book today for a night to remember or contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.