A bachelorette party is a hens night or a hens party, it’s just what our friends in America like to call it. If you live in Melbourne, chances are you’ll be referring to it as a hens night, and we all know what that entails:

  • Debauchery
  • Nudity (usually in the form of a male stripper, sometimes in the form of late night flashing)
  • Dancing (again, sometimes by strippers and topless waiters, but most of the time by inebriated hens)
  • Great memories (that you’ll hopefully remember, but hey, that’s why camera phones were invented)
  • Plenty of cheeky games

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So, we’ve gone through what a bachelorette party is and what it should entail, now let’s go through some things you should never do on this most sacred of nights.

Top Tips for Your Bachelorette Party

Don’t Embarrass the Bride

Yes, a bit of good-natured fun at the bride’s expense is allowed but know the limits. As her closest friends you will know these limits, so don’t get too carried away with the planning and end up choosing something she will hate. It’s her night, not yours!

Don’t Make It Obscenely Expensive

Of course, you do have to pay for a good time but be reasonable. The bride will much rather have all of her nearest and dearest in attendance than have a lavish affair that only a few people can attend. To get the budget right, think of the members of the group that are most strapped for cash and plan around their budgets – that way everyone is happy.

Don’t Start the Day with Shots

In fact, someone should be in charge of making sure the drinking is kept at a consistent yet sustainable pace. There’s nothing worse than people missing half the fun because they’ve downed half a bottle of tequila by noon. A good bachelorette party will go all day and night, so there’s plenty of time. Have a few glasses of water in between drinks and make sure you get some food in too.

Don’t Share Photos Without Approval

Take plenty of photos on the day, but wait until the next morning at least before you start uploading said photos to SnapChat or Instagram. Everyone has the right to control what goes public, so always ask permission before uploading anything.

Don’t Air Any Dirty Laundry

Tonight is not the night to bring up old grudges or settle any scores. You’re here to celebrate the bride so keep any personal problems to yourself. Plenty of hens nights have been derailed by drama, and you don’t want to be the reason that your best friends special night is ruined. If you have any issues with one of the attendees, try and sort it out before the party or just call a truce.

Don’t Invite Any Boys

Lots of couples are choosing to have combined parties, but if yours is just for the bride keep it for the girls. Even her closest guy friends will make the mood different for everyone else in attendance, so this is one party where it’s definitely okay to be single-sex rather than co-ed.

Don’t Get the Bride In Trouble

You have to be worried about two parties here – the groom and the bride’s family. If her family members are attending, make sure the activities are suitable. Even the coolest Mums may feel a little strange about seeing their daughter doing body shots. Also, don’t let her do anything the groom wouldn’t like and definitely don’t let her call him. You don’t want any tension or bad vibes before the big day, so it’s best to take her phone away for the night. Even the most innocent of things can be misconstrued when the storyteller is onto her second bottle of Savvy B.

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