Your Guide to Understanding Clitoral Vibrators


A clitoral vibrator is a device that stimulates or massages the clitoris directly or indirectly. They’re not necessarily intended for penetration but some shapes may function for internal stimulation as well; conversely, some vibrators intended for internal use can work to stimulate the clitoris.


What are the various kinds of clitoris vibrators?

There is an endless array of sorts of clitoral stimulators. One of the foremost well-known types is that the Wand. The first Hitachi Magic Wand remains noted together of the foremost powerful vibrators on the market. There are now dozens of various wands, all varying in size, shape, and material.

Bullet and egg-shaped vibrators are small oval-shaped devices which have controls. There are also panties with a vibrating function attached to it and this is possible because they utilise bullets or eggs tucked into a hidden pocket within the crotch of the panty. Another variation of those clitoral toys is that the lay-on vibrator, which usually fits into the palm of the hand and can be laid upon the vulva for hands-free stimulation. In recent years, suction toys became quite popular. These are toys that fit around the vulva or directly round the clitoris that softly sucks to imitate head. Some are battery-operated or rechargeable.


What sorts of materials are clitoral vibrators available in?

Clitoral vibrators are usually made from plastic, metal, or some combination of the 2 covered in silicone.


How does a clit vibrator work?

Your clitoris has many nerve endings, and clitoral vibrators massage them, therefore giving immense pleasure. Some clitoral vibrators only have one or two speeds, while some have more and have functions like pulsation, gradually increasing waves, stopping and starting, etc.

Different toys also will have different vibration frequencies. High-frequency toys tend to provide function very quickly but may temporarily desensitise the user. Start with low frequency and let your libido build up slowly to get a more intense climax and encourage multiple orgasms.


How to use a clit vibrator?

To use your fresh clitoral vibrator, remove from its packaging and confirm it’s fully charged or has fresh batteries. Make sure you charge your new sex toy for 8-12 hours; after this first charge, it should only take a couple of hours. Confirm your toy is clean and use a couple of drops of lubricant.

Because the clitoris is extremely sensitive, one might need to start out by turning the vibrator onto its lowest setting and using it to tease the thighs, the vulva, and therefore the labia before turning up the notch and using directly on the clit. Try holding the vibe in several areas and cycle through the functions and power levels to seek out out which is best for your body.


How do I clean a clitoral vibrator?

Clean the toy using warm water and delicate soap or anti-microbial toy cleaner before and after every use. Medical grade silicone toys are non-porous so they are often completely sanitised quite easily. Some plastics are porous so these should be cleaned with extra care. Store them in anti-microbial boxes or bags and keep them in a dry area.