What would a hens night be without male strippers? Hens Packages Melbourne has the best male strippers in Melbourne, and they’re sure to make your bachelorette party something you’ll never forget. They’re at your service the entire time, and they bring the right amount of cheek and class, so the bride, the hens and the family and friends all have fun.

We pick our strippers based on much more than their looks. Of course, they look incredible, they can move, and they’re the most talented and athletic performers in Melbourne. But, they’re also charming, and they want you to feel part of every moment.

We promise you’ll all be on the edge of your seats when the lights go down. The beautiful boys appear on stage, all your friends are giggling and you know you’re about to be treated to the best male strip show in Melbourne.

What Our Male Strippers Offer

Topless Channing Magic Men SlefieOur Melbourne male stripper service includes:

  • Male Strip Clubs: With Hens Packages Melbourne, you get access to the hottest male strip clubs in Melbourne. We take you to classy venues that are literally filled with rippling hunks that are there to create your dream night and put on a show. Just imagine pumping music, flowing drinks and all your favourite people celebrating your bride’s big night.
  • Hen’s Night Party Venues: If the girls would rather celebrate in a nightclub, we get you VIP treatment and private topless waiter service at some of Melbourne’s hottest nightspots, including Fabrique, Seven and Marrakech. These really are Melbourne’s premier venues, and there’s no better way to enjoy them than with one of our packages.
  • Home Visits: Hens Packages Melbourne loves a house party. You don’t have to worry about transport, there’s no closing time, and you can do anything you like. Our male strippers put on a show, and they can even bring the supplies. Just sit back and wait for the party to arrive.


Getting your hands on one of our hunky boys couldn’t be easier. Just: