So she’s said “YES!” and you’ve said “Yes!” to being her very special Maid of honour! Congratulations, it’s an exciting and fun-filled time for both of you. There are so many things to plan ahead, the engagement party, the Bridal Shower, the Hen’s Party and the wedding. You are going to be blessed with so many thrilling new experiences and responsibilities. The pressure to express your true love and care for your best friend is unimaginable, and we are here to help you decide on the best option for your big Hen’s Night. It can be overwhelming researching packages, events, tours and escapes, so we have narrowed it down to our top 5 picks.

A Hens Night In

The Hens Night in is a popular option for those who are wanting to completely customise their Hens night experience. You have complete control of everything, these can include:

  • Who is attending
  • Theme or decorations
  • The food and beverages offered
  • The timeframe of the event
  • The type of entertainment you include

The top four points are generally the easiest ones to arrange, the entertainment, however, can be more challenging to decide on. Many parties vote amongst themselves for their top 2 or 3 activities, of course, you can opt to have more, but remember you have a budget to work within. Some of the best at-home entertainment options include:

  • A topless waiter
  • A male stripper * a must at every Hens Party
  • A nude art class
  • A cocktail making class
  • A dance class, eg: burlesque
  • Puppetry of the penis
  • Party Games
  • Floral headband making
  • Sex Toy Party

How you plan your Hens night in?

A Hens Night Attending a Show

If you want to arrange a stress-free Hens Night, attending a show is the perfect option for you! You simply have one set price with all the inclusions you could want. Save the extra fuss on the night and make sure you include a drinks package so your guests can conveniently access drinks without having to spend more money or find an atm. From start to finish, your night will be managed for you with all the entertainment you could want. Things to look for when booking a Male Revue Show:

  • The talent – are they the kind of guys you want to see?
  • The venue – is it located in a conveniently accessible location?
  • The Cost – is the cost budget-friendly for all your guests?
  • The reviews – have you checked to see what other people are saying about their experience?

We recommend the Feel the Magic Ticket or the Hens Night Special.

A Hens Dinner and Show

The dinner and show options are one of the most popular options in Melbourne and we can understand why. Keeping it classy with a semi-formal dinner and drinks, suitable for all family and friends of all ages followed by an all-party experience at a show. You can have the best of both worlds and great aunt Karen isn’t going to be upset with you.

A Hens Retreat

For those wanting to keep it relaxing a Hens Night Retreat is perfect for you. Gather your nearest and dearest, this could be 3 – 15 of your favourite ladies and is a beautiful bonding experience for all. These retreats generally include:

  • Hiring a Holiday House
    • A cottage in the country
    • A house by the beach
    • A cabin in a winery
  • A pamper session
    • Having your nails done
    • A spa day
    • Hot springs
    • Having your hair done
  • Some classy beverages
    • Expensive champagne and strawberries
    • High-end liquors
    • Fancy cocktails
  • Entertainment
    • A topless waiter to serve you and your friends
    • A stripper to entertain and delight

Ultimately the Hens retreat is completely customisable, so the choice is yours. It’s exciting and so much fun to plan.

A Hens Holiday

Let’s face it, we all love a little getaway and nothing beats a weekend away with your favourite ladies. Travelling together, shopping together and celebrating together! It’s every girl’s dream, right? Whether it’s interstate, or in some cases overseas a Hens holiday is thrilling for all. A Hens holiday also includes a lot of planning, so be prepared to devote a lot of time to this one. To help you with your Hens holiday don’t forget to consider the following:

  • How many people will be attending and everyone’s budget – don’t forget to keep it realistic, as you may be happy to spend a lot more than others being the MOH.
  • Payment plan for everyone – you don’t want to be caught out footing the bill for someone else.
  • Travel – how will you get there? By plane, land or sea? Road trips are popular along with flights.
  • Accommodation and sleeping arrangements. We recommend hiring apartments or homes in your desired location.
  • Activities, what will you do whilst you are away? How are you going to entertain your guests?