Hen’s Night and ‘tasteful’ may not typically be two words you associate with one another, but we’re ready to prove to you just how wrong you are. We know that a big party with phallic-shaped objects flying around might not be every bride-to-be’s cup of tea, but there are so many classy hen ideas out there to ensure your hen’s night is both elegant and fun. Here are our tips on how to plan a tasteful hens night.

how to plan a tasteful hens night

Weekend Getaway

Wedding planning is stressful, so before your upcoming nuptials grab a few of your closest friends and family and get away for the weekend. Whether it’s by the beach, tucked away in nature or just staying in a fancy hotel for the night, this is a sure-fire way to make sure you feel special before your big day.

Pack the fridge full of your favourite wine and spirits as well as meals and snacks and go where the day takes you on this relaxing weekend away. If you’re in need of ideas, we have a comprehensive guide to some of the best hen’s party games to play with guests of all ages.


It’s like camping but glamorous! If you’re an outdoorsy person but don’t fancy all the tribulations that come with camping in the lead up to your big day, then glamping is the perfect option for you! Enjoy some peace and quiet surrounded by some of your closest friends and family. Celebrate around the campfire together and then enjoy a night of comfort in tents complete with proper beds, amenities and the tranquil silence of nature.

Cocktail Making Classes

This one is perfect for the classy bride looking to plan a tasteful hen’s night and still have heaps of fun! Learning how to make cocktails is sure fire way to both entertain and let lose before the big day. Not only will you get to check out your friends’ skills behind the bar, but you can learn a new skill which will almost certainly be of use in the future.

For those looking to inject a bit of extra fun into the night, why not organise for one of our talented strippers to pay you a visit. Everyone can get involved and you can choose how tame or crazy you want the show to be. If you’re struggling to find a venue to host your cocktail making class, we can also help you out by putting you in contact with one of our amazing partner nightclubs.

Life Drawing

A cultured option for the cultured bride. There are plenty of life-drawing classes popping up all around Melbourne these days, allowing you to express your artistic side and relax before the big day. Many of them also come with a free glass of wine which is a bonus!

If you’re in the mood to liven up your relaxing life drawing class a little bit, we offer a cheeky Nude Life Drawing Package which includes drinks, topless waiters, a cocktail making class and the beautiful piece of art you are sure to create!

Fine Dining

Tasteful in more ways than one, treat yourself to an evening of fine food and wine that will leave your tastebuds tingling and your mind relaxed. Melbourne is a foodie’s dream, with a number of amazing restaurants and bars scattered around the city. Some of Australia’s best food and wine is also located just an hour or two out of the city on the Mornington Peninsula or at the Yarra Valley.

We offer a fantastic limo or bus service to get you there, so you can be at ease knowing that we’ve got your covered. This way, the fun never has to stop either!


For those after a similar vibe to an evening of fine dining, but prefer to celebrate during the day, then a luncheon is the perfect option for you. Indulge with an amazing selection of food, drink and deserts.

As your guests start to splinter off you and some of your closest friends could even keep the celebrations going with one of our Ultimate Hens Night or Stage Show Packages. That way, the fun never needs to end!

A Spa Day

What’s better than spending an entire day at the spa to calm those pre-wedding nerves? There are a number of amazing spas and hot springs in Melbourne and some only a short drive away. Not only is this a perfect option to relax before the wedding celebrations, but it is also the perfect addition to your beauty regime to ensure that you’re prepped and ready for the big day.

Every bride is different, so we know that everyone will want something a little bit different for their hen’s night, or day, depending on your style. Luckily these tasteful hen’s night ideas exist to help you plan the perfect clean and tasteful hen’s celebration, and we’re here to ensure you still have some fun along the way!