Following the traditional or starting a non-conforming dating style?

You went on a perfect first date with a stranger, you feel good and the chemistry between the two of you is just oozing. Then there’s the big question popping in your mind – should we have sex later? Is it fine to have sex on the first date?

Sex on the first date with a stranger may not be the most conventional thing to do at least from what we’ve heard from traditional relationship experts. But if both of you are excited and is consenting, will you let an old tradition hold you back? Should you really wait for a third date before you give in? Let’s find out why sex on a first date is a powerful move this 2020.

It can be the start of a long-term relationship

A study in America found out that 25 per cent of relationships began as one-night stands. It’s hard to ignore that obvious chemistry between the two of you and it’s not your fault you found each other hard to resist since day one. You might have come for the hookup but if fate made it possible for you two to start an amazing relationship, then be it. Don’t worry, you are not alone in this, lady. About 36% of women had sex on the first date and gladly, it turned out good for them.

“My wife was supposed to be a hookup. We went out, had a great time. Ended up sleeping together the first night. We have been together 10 years now. It’s all about the person you’re with. There is no ‘right time’ to wait. When it feels right then it feels right.” – Reddit user

But not to burst your bubble, don’t go doing the deed and pushing your partner into starting a relationship. Falling in love is a process, the first night could be the start or not. But don’t worry, if this didn’t go well for you, there will always be new connections to make.

Women who had sex on first date had relationship worked out for them

Men don’t judge you for being sexually liberated

A lot of women believe it’s a turn off when they agree on having sex on a first date. This is probably what’s holding them back from having a fun first date night. According to a poll conducted by Cosmopolitan, majority of the guys (67%) don’t think less of a woman shall she decided to get in on their first meeting. After all, it takes two to tango. 

“Some people are open to having sex on the first date and other people may want to wait. There is no right way to do things and should not reflect one’s personal values and preferences.” -Reddit user

You’ll discover compatibility ASAP!

There are people who prefer doing sex on the first date so they can know if they are sexually compatible with the other person or not. Discovering it ASAP is helpful for both parties so you don’t end up building intimacy then be disappointed later on. 

Men also find this strategy helpful as it lessens the burden of keeping a perfect partner but with unsatisfying sex. In fact, this is a more obvious reason for men especially when they put on a lot of effort into preparing the first date. You will notice how a man is a pro on first-date sex when his body care is on point. You’ll notice he has prepared a nice scented room, with candles, music, and has bedside staples like lube, condom, and probably some adult toys. They too, are anxious if you want to get it on but has prepared for the action because, well, you’ll never know. So if you don’t want to hold out too long, and want to know if you’re sexually compatible first before investing too much in the relationship, then you go girl!

“If we have sex on the first date, it’s a good sign that we’re getting along well and that we like each other and stuff”. – Reddit user

People prefer doing sex on the first date so they can know if they are sexually compatible


Women should not be limited to options when it comes to sex. A woman having sex on the first date has nothing to do if she is a relationship or wife-material. It’s 2020 and we can reject some outdated rules in dating. You may opt to wait or not because, at the end of the day, it’s your gut feeling that matters. Whatever decision you will choose, we hope it feels right, safe, fun and exciting! Check out more articles on Magic Men Shop.