Ever wondered what male strippers do when the lights go down, and the cheering throngs of girls disappear? We had a chat with our incredible team of strippers and asked them exactly what life looks like in between shows, as well as a few truths about the world of stripping.

Ever since Magic Men came out, male strippers have received a lot more attention. This attention means there’s a lot of myths out there. So, we want you to know exactly what a male stripper is, and what they’re all about.

We Don’t Look Like This By Accident

Yes, those bulging biceps, chiselled abs, perfect pecs and perky bums are all the work of hours in the gym. Our boys work hard so that they can play hard. In fact, a lot of spare time is spent busting out a whole range of exercises to ensure they stay in tip-top shape.

So, how do they stay motivated? Well, they love what they do. All of our boys love putting a smile on the face of a bride-to-be and ensuring she gets sent off into marriage with a night to remember.

We Consider What We Do An Art

Stripping is not just about lapdances, body shots and flirting. Of course, there’s a lot of that, and it’s a lot of fun, but it’s also about the show itself. The private shows and the Magic Men shows are all based on hours of choreography, and all of our male revue members are incredible dancers.

Again, this doesn’t come about by accident. It takes a lot of practice and a lot of work, which is why only the most passionate strippers are enlisted by Hens Packages Melbourne.

Home Visits Are a Lot of Fun

You’re always guaranteed a fun crowd at a home visit. Girls go wild in venues, but when they’re at home, there are absolutely no inhibitions. All of our boys have some crazy stories about home visits, and there’s nothing quite like walking into a house and instantly turning it into a bumping event. 

They also get to use all of their charms to make sure everyone is enjoying the show. There can be a huge age mix waiting in the room, and that means improvising, so everyone feels comfortable. The bride’s friends will obviously have a different level of what is acceptable than their Mum, and it’s up to our strippers to gauge that level and cater to it.

There’s A Difference Between a Strip Show and a Male Revue

If you get tickets to a Magic Men show, you’ll see a male revue. If you organise a home visit or one of our strippers at a venue you’ll see a slightly different show. A male revue is a production, it’s all about the dance moves, the choreography and the pyrotechnics. A strip show is usually more intimate, there’s more touching, more nudity and more one-on-one time with the handsome man performing.

They’re both a lot of fun, so it’s just about deciding on what you and the girls want out of the experience.

Everything Is Real

What you see when our boys turn up on stage and in your living room everything is real. There’s no stuffing, or contouring going on. You’re just seeing professionals that care about their job and have picked in this profession for a reason.

No matter what you’ve heard, with Hens Packages Melbourne you get the real thing.

So, What Does a Day in A Strippers Life Look Like?

An average day in the life of a stripper looks like anyone else’s:

  • Six days a week, the day begins with a gym session. This is a profession, and our strippers and performers adhere to a strict diet and workout regime to ensure they look absolutely perfect for every show and home visit.
  • Some of our boys have a day job, if they don’t, they usually meet up to discuss the schedule for the weekend and brush up on their moves and routines.
  • If they have a show on, it’s time to pick up the uniforms, grab the music and make their way to the venue.
  • Once the show’s over, anything goes!

So, there’s everything you need to know about the life of a stripper. As you can see, it’s a life of dedication to their art and their profession. Of course, the best way to get to know them is to organise one for your next hens night.