Are you in the midst of planning a bachelorette party in Melbourne? Sometimes you just need a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. New trends are popping up each year, and 2019 will be no different.

When going through these trends, make sure you think about what the bride will like. You’ll be tempted to get excited and choose an idea that jumps out at you, but only go ahead if you know that the bride will love it too. This is her night, and its success will rest on just how much of the bachelorette party she spends smiling.

Learn a New Skill

Instead of spending the whole day drinking and chatting, many brides are using the chance to learn a new skill. You could learn how to twerk or even engage in a burlesque dancing class. If dancing isn’t your thing, you could learn how to make cocktails or do any skill you like, whether it’s yoga, golf or even arts and crafts.

Bring The Groom Along

If the groom and the bride are besties and you’re all one big happy group, you’ll be pleased to know that co-ed bachelorette parties are all the rage for 2019. It means you double the fun, you can make the bride and groom engage in all sorts of difficult games, and the entire wedding will get to know each other before the bid day happens.

You can have topless waiters of both genders, and a co-ed strip show can be a hell of a lot of fun.

You Must Have a Hashtag

If you want your Insta feed to be filled with all the hot snaps of the night, you need to create a #. This is a fun and easy way to collect all the photos for the night. Try and come up with a funny play of words based on the bride’s name or the new shared last name. When creating it, make sure you capitalise the first letter of each word, this makes it easier to read.

Create A Signature For The Night

Whether it’s a drink, an outfit or even just a colour, by having something to tie everyone together you create that sense of unity that makes for a banging bachelorette party. With the drink, make it a cocktail for everyone to enjoy before the party starts (that way everyone will be at the same level of inebriation). For the outfit or the colour, make it easy and inexpensive -that way everyone will buy in.

Create a Fun Bag

As a party planner, you know your girls inside out. You know what they like, so putting together a fun bag will be an easy and thoughtful way to celebrate everyone coming together. It could include make-up, favourite foods or even just photos. Whatever it is, it will be the perfect way to remember this incredible night forever.

Girls On Tour

The girl’s getaway is going to still be a popular choice in 2019. With Melbourne surrounded by incredible weekend getaway options, this is an excellent idea for your bachelorette party. You could go for a winery tour to the Peninsula or the Yarra Valley, you and the girls could pamper the weekend away at Daylesford, or you could book accommodation in the city one night and take advantage of one of our incredible packages.

Crown Yourselves Like The Queens You Are

Bachelorette parties have always meant that all the girls put a crown on. Why? Because tonight is your night, and you all deserve to shine. If you don’t like the $2-dollar shop options, you can go ultra-classy by contacting a jeweller. If that sounds pricey, why not make your own out of flowers and other objects you can get together. Just make sure the crown is befitting of the queen you’re all here to celebrate.

Don’t Copy

The bachelorette ideas should be used for inspiration, not to copy. Your bride is unique, and this party needs to be all about her. Try and find little points of difference to make her night unforgettable. You can even keep certain parts of the party a complete surprise, or keep the whole thing a surprise. Just make sure the bride to be is 100% wowed.

You Need Nudity

All of these ideas can be complemented by one very important element – male nudity. Our topless waiters and male strippers can be deployed wherever, and whenever you like, they’re very talented and very beautiful and most of all, they know how to get a party started.