The male strip club is something of a mystery to many women. In fact, most women have probably seen more female strippers than the male version. So, are they the same as their gentleman club counterparts or are these wonderful places full of ripped, amazing dancers any different?

It turns out they are a lot different.

A Guide to Your Melbourne Strip Club Experience

If you’ve decided to take the blushing bride along to a Melbourne strip club, be sure to take a look at all the tips, tricks and tit-bits that we’ve put together below. As the old saying goes, forewarned is forearmed!

Get Ready For Fun

We all know what happens in female strip clubs. Guys sit around a stage with their mouths agape until they head out the back for a private show. You’ll see a different vibe in the male version. It’s all about the fun and it’s a lot more interactive. You can jump on stage and have a dance, you can have a chat with the girls, and you’ll notice that it’s about the entire experience rather than just the beauties on stage.

The MC Is King

MCs at female strip clubs are a little superfluous. No one really notices the announcements. MCs at male strip clubs are the real party starters. You’ll hear enormous whoops and cheers as the names are announced and you and the girls are sure to go a little crazy. Mostly, it’s a big party, not just a perve fest. Male strippers and MCs know this, which is why they know how to get the party started.

A Performance You’ll Never Forget

Most men will agree that females are far harder to please. They need a little more than nudity to get excited. Yes, abs, biceps and bulging pecs are nice, but the boys need to know how to dance. Male strip shows are choreographed to every last move. They practice a lot, and they’re also quite acrobatic. The music is chosen for crowd involvement, so you’ll find yourself working up quite a sweat trying to keep up. The performance is one area where the boys have the girls covered – you won’t see them writhing around a chair or a pole, you’re going to see some pretty impressive stuff.

You Need More Than a Pretty Face

The boys chosen to work in male strip clubs have incredible bodies and even better faces. But, that’s not all they have. No. A set of Double D’s isn’t enough to get a job here, you need to have a few other talents. Most male strippers are professional dancers or performers in other areas (don’t be surprised if you see your favourite stripper on stage next time you take Nan to the theatre.) It really is a far classier affair. You’re going to see some professionals go about the craft. Yes, they’re nude, but it’s about so much more than that.

It’s a Little Bit Funny

Every man has told their significant other that they only go to the strippers for the laughs – this is a lie. But, if a committed visitor to a male strip clubs says this, you can trust them. Remember, it’s a party, and it should be a laugh. Girls aren’t usually in to being grabbed and asked if they would like to retreat to a dark corner. Instead, they want a drink in their hand, their girls by their side and they want to cheer, laugh, throw money and go crazy while a rippling man does his best to entertain them. Male strippers don’t take themselves too seriously, they love a bit of laughter, and they love a bit of fun.

Incorporating The Male Strip Club Experience Into Your Hens Night

With Hens Packages Melbourne, you get to enjoy all of this as part of your bride’s special night. Most of our packages include a visit to the world-famous Magic Men show, which is a high-quality example of what male stripping and male revue shows should be about.

Of course, we also have access to a talented group of strippers that will be happy to bring the experience to you in the form of a private show or a home visit. They can even join you on the party bus on the way in if you like.

Hens night and bachelorette parties are supposed to be about unbridled fun, and this is what male strip clubs offer. Forget everything you know, the nudity is just a by-product. The reality is an unforgettable experience in an environment where it’s literally impossible not have fun.

Get in touch with Hens Packages Melbourne to organise your unforgettable experience.